our Partners

Dr.Mufleh A. El-Qudah

Founding Partner

Mohammad Mufleh El-Qudah

Managing Partner

Bassam Al Abdallat

Partner in the Corporate Practice Group
Partner in the Corporate Practice Group. Has particular expertise in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, company set-ups, banking and finance, Islamic Insurance, energy and infrastructure, private equity, corporate governance, drafting of policy documents as well as private equity transactions. Mr. Al Abdallat is currently a member of the Jordanian Bar Association. He holds a Master’s degree from Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies 2011, Amman, Jordan and a Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) from Applied Science Private University 2008, Amman, Jordan.

our Attorneys

Sufian Bataineh

Senior Legal Consultant (Of Counsel)
Senior Legal Consultant (Of Counsel). Has extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, securitisations, Islamic finance transactions and private wealth management. Sufian is the founding member of many associations: Luxembourg Arab Business Association, Islamic Finance Professionals Association and Salam Association (France). Sufian is also a member of the American Bar Association and New York City Bar Association. Sufian holds an LL.M. in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law from Fordham University School of Law (New York), a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from Open University Business School (UK), an LL.M. in Commercial, European and International Law from University of Sheffield (UK) and a Bachelor Degree from the University of Jordan. Sufian speaks Arabic, English and French fluently.

Nisreen Shahrori

Senior Legal Consultant
Advocate and Legal Consultant, a Member of Jordanian Bar Association. Nisreen practiced Law for more than ten years, and has extensive experience in litigation, clients' representation and disputes resolution in health and universities affairs through her work as an Advocate and Legal Consultant with Jordan University Hospital/ University of Jordan. Nisreen has knowledge of legislation and litigation related with claims arising from contracts of supply, contracting and construction in Qatar. Also, Nisreen has experience in litigation, and disputes resolution arising from lease and employment contracts with Rental Disputes Settlement Committee and Labor Dispute Settlement Committee in Qatar through her work with a Qatari law firm. Nisreen holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Yarmouk University 1998, and holds a Master degree in Law from the University of Jordan, 2009.

Abdallah Hussein Al Louzi

Senior Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Corporate Practice Group. Has experience in regulatory matters, business incorporation and licensing, liquidation, shares transfer, commercial agencies, issues of shares, and shareholder agreements. Abdallah is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association, 2017. He holds a Master Degree in International Commercial Law from Kingston University, London, 2015 and a Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) from the University of Jordan, 2013.

Osama Sous

Legal Consultant / HR Expert
Osama has extensive experience in managing and developing human resources and labor relations, collective bargaining, international labor standards and governance and compliance. Also, he has ample experience in labor and employment policies, performance management, compensation and benefits, employment equality, and diversity and inclusion practices. Osama worked with global and regional companies in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab Gulf. Osama holds a Bachelor degree in Law, 1997, and Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management from Cambridge International College, 2010. Also, Osama holds an Executive MBA from ESADE Business and Law School, Barcelona 2012. He is an Association Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 2014, Holding CIPD Diploma Level 5.

Tala Al-Hyasat

Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Litigation Practice Group. Has experience in pleading before the courts in commercial and civil claims. Member of the Jordan Bar Association. Graduated from the University of Jordan, 2017.

Anas Abdul Alhameed Al-Qudah

Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Firm's High-Tech team. Anas provides tech firms of all sizes and fields, FinTech, RegTech, WealthTech, InsurTech and other related clients with cost-effective and result-oriented counsel in order to optimally position them for long-term growth and to ensure that day-to-day operations are in line with the admissible tactics of strategic management of Tech firms. Anas was assigned to the national committee for preparing a National Code of Artificial Intelligence Ethics by the Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, which is a committee concerned with codifying the principles and values to be followed in designing, training and operating artificial intelligence systems. Anas is an alumnus of Reading University (LLM), 2020 UK, and obtained the First Class Honours. During his studies, Anas presented numerous academic research on some of the contemporary issues in legal aspects of some applications under the EU and the UK policies, including the liability for detriments ensued from algorithmic malfunctions, the role of artificial intelligence in achieving clarity on market data and legislation in investment decision-making, the effectiveness of robotic judge as practical solution to the crisis of the legitimacy of international investment arbitration, as well as the difference between cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Ali Al-Qudah

Trainee Lawyer
Trainee Lawyer in Litigation Practice Group. Ali graduated from Al-Ahliyya Amman University, 2020.

Ahmad Mohammad Al-Qudah

Trainee Lawyer
Trainee Lawyer in Litigation Practice Group. Ahmad is a Trainee Lawyer registered in the Sharia Bar Association. Ahmad is a graduate student (Master's degree) in Criminal Law, Yarmouk University. Ahmad holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Al al-Bayt University, 2021.

Alaa Al-Guzo

Trainee Lawyer
Trainee Lawyer in Litigation Practice Group. Alaa graduated from Yarmouk University, 2021.

our Support Team

Mofleh Raed Al Qudah

Chief Accountant / Office Admin
Mofleh has extensive experience in financial and accounting matters in several fields, including the International Accounting Standards and American Accounting Standards. Mofleh has good knowledge of the basis and strategies of human resources and economics, with ample experience in tax tasks, tax Law, tax consultancy, business Law, payroll services, research and analysis of accounting and financial data, and preparing financial statements and reports. Also, Mofleh has extensive experience in time management, management regulatory matters and negotiation with clients. Mofleh holds numerous training certificates, including Advanced Tax Certificate. Mofleh holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the Middle East University, 2018, Amman-Jordan.

Mohammad Hassan Dabous

legal researcher
Legal Researcher. Has a Bachelor Degree in Law. Mohammad has many legal and shari' researches such as women's financial rights in marriage contract and maintenance in Fiqeh and Family Law. He participated in many civil and shari'a arbitration courses.

Saja Talal Abu Obaid

Legal Translator
Legal Translator in Corporate Practice Group. Saja ranked first at the University of Jordan Level from the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation. Saja graduated with excellent rate and obtained the First Class Honours of the Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish (Language and Literature). Saja is a professional Speaker of numerous European languages, such as English and Spanish, besides Arabic. Saja has good knowledge of Italian language. Also, Saja is a Member of the Arab Wikipedia, and has ample experience in specialized translation in legal, economic, journalistic and commercial niches. Saja worked as a Legal Translator with Gulf companies for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. She translated major articles for international companies with regional presence and worked with news channels. Regionally, Saja is a former Translator for a magazine specialized in Gulf economic affairs. Saja also worked as a Translator for UNICEF and the United Nations, and worked as a Translator with several conferences and events, such as the World Economic Forum and launch events of foreign companies in Amman. Saja has ample experience in translating articles of association, memorandums of association, powers of attorney, agreements and contracts. Saja is a Sworn Translator before the Jordanian, Bahraini and Saudi courts.

Shorouq Abualouf

Receptionist, BA in management administration from Al Albayt University in 2017.